Welcome to Sidana Dental Care

Our team takes great pleasure in offering complete dental care with special emphasis on esthetic dentistry, to make our patient feel more confident every time they smile.

We as a team are devoted to patients who appreciate high standards of dental care with state of the art technology for their preventive dental care and dental treatments.

We aim to provide a complete range of dental treatments for you and your family and ease of maintenance of your teeth by providing regular checkups and screenings.

Cavity potted plant

Cavity potted plant

Good for health

Good for health


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an art form devoted to the enhancement of smiles. At our clinic we can craft a new, more beautiful smile for you. Facing the world with a bright confident smile can influence the way you are perceived…


Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a specialist places into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Too many people who have conventional dentures don’t wear them for the simple fact that they don’t stay…


Laser Dentistry

Laser is Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser has its varied application in our lives today. At Sidana Dental Care we have gone a step beyond and acquired the Laser technology in our treatment modules. We use a…


Crown and Bridges

What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges? Both crowns and most bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. Unlike removable devices such as dentures, which you can take out and clean daily, crowns and bridges are cemented onto existing teeth or implants,…


Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is, in short, a treatment for tooth pain that involves cleaning the tooth and removing the infection which is causing the pain. The cleaned tooth is then protected from further infection by treating them with a solution…


Tooth Whitening

We at our clinic provide chair side as well as home whitening options for the patients interested in getting a whiter shade for their teeth. Whitening the teeth in the clinic takes about 40mins whereas the home whiteing is used by the…